Peugeot appearance Dakar

Once states would re-enter the prestigious Dakar Rally gait, the French manufacturer Peugeot finally show face gahar 2008 DKR is able to bulldoze every field.

As quoted TopGear, Worldcarfans, and Youtube, Saturday (19/04/2014), Peugeot finally divulge their variant of the Peugeot 2008 Dakar, and ready to fight next year.

Of course this model into a model that is eagerly awaited given the Peugeot has been absent for 25 years. Spooky display obvious from the design presented this time.

By spraying black paint all over the body with the color red being complementary. Do not stop there, 27-inch rims are also chosen to be mempergalak display.

Peugeot plans and will be officially introduced at the Beijing Motor Show 2014 held next week.

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